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Our Wyoming Virtual Office Service includes a real street address and your own suite # in Cheyenne, Wyoming, unlimited mail forwarding (with online mail management) and a real 307 phone # and separate 307 FAX # (with voicemail and FAX-to-email service included). Add privacy and legitimacy to your Wyoming company today!

Features of our Virtual Office Service:

  • Real street address in Cheyenne, Wyoming with your own Suite # to receive postal mail, FedEx or UPS packages.
  • Weekly forwarding of all mail received to any US location (monthly to international locations).
  • Online management of your mail including the free option for us to open, scan and upload your mail online.
  • Real 307 phone number and 307 FAX Number.
  • Phone number can be forwarded to any US or international phone number.
  • Voicemail with custom greeting and FAX service included.
  • Faxes and voicemails are automatically emailed to the address you specify in your account.
  • Unlimited inbound phone calls and forwarded calls to US and Canada.
  • 1000 minutes/month in free outbound US domestic calls and $0.04/minute after that ($0.10/minute for most international destinations).
  • Free iPhone/Android/Smartphone app for making/receiving calls worldwide.
  • Free desktop “softphone” for making/receiving calls worldwide (PC & Mac).
  • Optional adapter to receive and make calls using any regular telephone.
  • SIP capable service: utilize our SIP server for any SIP capable phone.
  • Optional E911 and 411 Listing (essential for building business credit).
  • Larger packages received will be forwarded and billed at our discounted cost.
  • Advanced Security: Indoor/Outdoor security cameras, alarm system with armed response, document shredding, controlled access and PCI compliant security policy.
  • One-stop-shop for your Wyoming entity provided by a service that has been trusted with 1000’s of companies and has been in business for over 10 years.

Benefits of using our Virtual Office Service:

  • Simple to Start: Order now and be setup in as little as 1 business day.
  • Simple to Use: Manage your mail online. Manage your voicemail and fax settings online.
  • Remote Management: manage your virtual office online from anywhere!
  • Unlimited Support: We’re here every step of the way by phone or e-mail.
  • Free Upgrades: We’re constantly upgrading the system based on feedback, any improvements are automatically added to all active clients.
  • Flexible use: Can be used for Wyoming companies, companies formed in other states or even by individuals.

Perfect For:

  • New businesses
    Start your company right! Build your company with a Wyoming Virtual Office from the beginning.
  • Existing businesses
    Add the Wyoming Virtual office to your existing company. Start taking advantage of remote management, privacy and more today!

Compare Our Service:

  • Average competitor price (UPS Store, etc.) for mail-forwarding ONLY (no phone/FAX or scanning included): $25-$49/month PLUS postage.
  • Average price (Vonage, etc.) for dedicated Phone and FAX ONLY (no mail forwarding or office address included): $39-$49/month PLUS usage PLUS taxes (we don’t pass phone taxes to you).
  • Mail can be viewed and managed online (most competitors don’t have this or charge significantly more for this feature).
  • Phone and FAX settings can be updated online and include email delivery.
  • International capability: Don’t live in the USA? No problem, our service works in over 140 countries.

How do I Order?

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