Which Business Idea Should You Use?

Bob Parsons, the founder of Inc. 500 winner GoDaddy.com offers his advice on which business idea you should pursue.  Excerpts include:

Find something that you love to do. Ideally, whatever you choose to do, you should be doing it without regard for money. Trust me, if you dig in and do well, the money will come. However, if money is your primary motivation you have two strikes against you before you start: If money is the driver you will tend to make short-sighted decisions. People who work just for the money tend not to work as hard as those who love what they do.


I’ve heard people say that I love this idea, but this particular business is already crowded. In response to that I say there is always room in any industry or business for someone who truly makes a difference. And I can tell you that someone who loves what they are doing often makes a wonderful difference. People who make a difference tend to stand out from the crowd and they are the ones who survive shakeouts.

So there you have it, also make sure to read our section on the business idea for more great info on picking the right business idea.

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