Take the Leap and Follow Your Passion

Entrepreneur.com has an Article Posted detailing one young entrepreneur’s journey from the financial sector to starting his own sports marketing firm:

I feel it’s essential that you are able to marry your work and what you love. This passion will ignite the minds of your potential clients and connections. Your business has to be a reflection of what you are already willing to pour countless hours into. Your passion and enthusiasm for your business has to connect to your why, be a part of your own experience, and is ultimately what will make you successful.

The article also includes summaries of the creation of Facebook and YouTube and encouraging words for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who haven’t yet made the jump to starting their own venture.

The concept of starting your own business can be intimidating but it’s not as difficult as many people think. Once you have come up with a Business Idea and drawn up a Business Plan you’re ready to Start Your Company! MyNewCompany.com also has a Resource Center with tons of useful information!

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