Staying Excited

Bizzia has a short Post by Stephen Kersey on “Staying Excited About Your Startup Company”:

In the early days of a startup company, the founders can rely on excitement and adrenaline to get the ball rolling. However, when the well of excitement and adrenaline goes dry, that ball suddenly feels extremely heavy. How do you go about staying excited about your startup?

This post discusses how having a plan can help maintain excitement and keep you engaged with your business. At we always recommend that you develop a business plan before moving into the startup process. We have a Page on Business Plans that assists with this process. A properly written business plan will force you to check your assumptions and will help you begin the process of Automating Your Business so that you can focus on developing your business instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day routines. It’s always easier to stay excited when you can see the big picture!

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