Myths About Starting a Business

I’ve written before about the myth of business failure rates. But this list of myths from Dumb Little Man is valuable as well:

  • Risk is always bad.
  • If the majority of your peers call the idea silly, it probably is.
  • You should liquidate all of your possessions to start a business because you believe in it so strongly.
  • You have to spend money to make money (this one is borderline, but a lot can be earned by charging people for your knowledge on something).
  • Anyone that has tried and failed automatically must be trusted because “they’ve done it”.
  • Your lack of a college degree will ensure your business fails.
  • Your friends’ constructive criticism is never out of jealousy.
  • Your family & friends will always understand the time commitment, even when no money is coming in.

(via BizOpportunities)


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