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MyCompanyForms™ is LIFETIME ACCESS (via the My Account section of our site) to over 200 constantly updated Business and Tax Forms to help you startup, manage and grow your business. 

Contents include:

  • Startup Checklists for DBA’s, Corporations and LLC’s
  • The New Corporation Handbook, The New LLC Handbook
  • Tax Guide: Which Taxes to Pay and When
  • Compliance Guides
  • IRS Tax Guides, Calendars and More.
  • Corporation Forms: Bylaws, Minutes and Resolutions
  • LLC Forms: Operating Agreements, Minutes and Resolutions
  • Business Forms Library: Dozens of Categorized Business Forms
  • Popular Business and Tax Forms
  • Entity-specific Tax, Business and Maintenance Forms


Perfect for:

  • New businesses
    Our startup checklists and handbooks will help you get started right the first time!
  • Existing businesses
    Our annual maintenance checklists, tax guides and dozens of business forms will save you hours of time and could save you hundreds in legal and tax preparation fees.
  • Corporation/LLC Self-filers
    If you filed the incorporation or LLC formation paperwork with the State yourself, then you probably haven’t done the proper “after-formation” tasks (holding the organizational meeting, issuing shares, adopting Bylaws or an Operating Agreement, etc.) or properly setup your entity. Our handbooks, checklists and forms will get your company in working order fast!


  • Save hundreds in legal or tax fees.
  • Organize your company properly — avoid common startup and maintenance mistakes.
  • Portable library of business forms (that you can copy to your computer).
  • Learn all about your Corporation or LLC with our exclusive handbooks.
  • Properly maintain your company with annual checklists, minutes, resolutions and more.


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