Execution Is More Important Than the Idea

Business Idea

Many people like to think of new ideas, alternatives and features. These ideas can apply to business, government or life in general. The main problem is that probably dozens if not hundreds of people have probably had the same idea or something close to it.

The difference is execution.

37Signals has a great article title “I had that idea years ago!” that details this process and the dangers of ideas without execution.

Yes, you might be great at brainstorming and solving problems, however, if you cannot implement and execute upon your idea then it is almost useless. I’m convinced that there are hundreds of thousands of people with ideas that could solve our energy problems, our government issues, our business and economic issues and more. However, if they don’t attempt to implement these ideas or at the least pass the idea onto someone who can, then these solutions will die with them.

So what do I do if I have great ideas?

I believe the following steps would be helpful:

  • Openly discuss the idea with friends and family – the potential of them stealing and implementing it are very small. They may able to point out holes in your idea or additional features.
  • If you have a great idea and the necessary skills and funding, implement it yourself or with your team. If it’s a great idea and you can implement it, soon will come competitors and eventually the idea will become reality.
  • If you have great ideas but not the resources to implement it, focus on starting your own business based on fulfilling a real need. Your natural brainstorming skills will apply well to any business and will probably make your business successful. Once your business is successful, then you might have the resources to implement your great ideas or the business connections to have them implemented.
  • Become a consultant. Brainstormers are great at solving problems in business, government and personal life. Become a  business or government consultant and help others implement great ideas. Eventually work yourself up to working with companies or government officials that can actually implement your great ideas.
  • Get a job at a company working in the same discipline as your area and try to get it implemented that way.

If you have no intention or interest in doing any of the above, then you’ll want to focus on passing your ideas onto others who can implement them:

  • You can patent your idea and sell it to others – some people make a very good living (millions) by doing this.
  • Start a website or blog based on your idea and attempt to get either financial or moral support to implement the idea.
  • Search for and submit your business ideas to business-idea exchanges like SubmitBusinessIdeas or WhyNot.
  • If you have no financial need to get paid for your ideas or you don’t want the idea to die with you, then simply give them to the appropriate people. Send them to decision-makers in business or government – this can be your gift to making our world a better more prosperous place!

Whatever you decide to do, don’t think that having ideas are bad. Ideas are why humans are no longer living in caves! Just remember that execution is important and that getting your ideas implemented without direct financial compensation can be rewarding as well.

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