ComplianceLock™ Service

ComplianceLock™ Service

ComplianceLock™ is the peace-of-mind service that:

  • Sends email and text alerts (SMS) for important compliance due dates (and allows you to create custom alerts). 
  • Generates meeting minutes/consents with one click (and automatically sends you your Annual Meeting Minutes each year “ready to sign”)
  • Monitors the status of your company to make sure it’s active and prevent corporate identity theft.
  • Securely stores your personal and corporate documents “in the cloud” for safekeeping and instant retrieval when you need them. 

It’s 4 products in 1 for total entity protection – all for only $8/month!

To maintain “compliance”, most companies are required by law to complete certain tasks on a regular basis like holding meetings, properly documenting these meetings with written minutes, filing an annual report and paying federal taxes. Doing these tasks preserves your “corporate veil” which is one of a corporation or LLC’s most valuable assets. It’s what protects your personal assets in a lawsuit or audit and may also be required to obtain business financing.

ComplianceLock™ Features:

  • Automatically generates meeting minutes, consents and resolutions in one click with your company information auto-filled in the documents. Simply print and sign the documents and you’re done!
  • Automatically generates your Annual Meeting Minutes (Shareholders and Directors Meeting for Corporations, Members/Managers Meeting for LLC’s) and emails them to you “ready for signature”. 
  • Upload your own important documents to our secure servers for safe-keeping. 
  • Alerts you of important compliance tasks like holding meetings, documenting company decisions, filing an Annual Report and Federal tax deadlines.
  • Alerts are sent via email AND text message (SMS).
  • Allows you to create an unlimited amount of custom alerts (includes SMS as well).
  • Allows you to add multiple recipients: have alerts sent to all stakeholders in your company and keep everyone in the loop.
  • Provides proactive protection by monitoring your company status on a regular basis to verify that it is still “active” and in “good standing”.
  • Unlimited Status Check requests – we’ll check the status of your company “on-demand” as much as you’d like. 
  • “Fix-it” service: if your company falls out of “good standing”, we’ll alert you and help you get it back in good standing.
  • Custom Resolution Service: need a form or type of resolution that’s not already in our system? We’ll find it and send it to you.
  • Free Access to MyCompanyForms™  (a $35 value) – over 200 constantly updated Business and Tax Forms to help you startup, manage and grow your business.

Benefits of using ComplianceLock™

  • Simple to Start: Can be setup in 10-15 minutes, put your compliance on auto-pilot.
  • Simple to Use: Your “Dashboard” shows you exactly where you are and what needs to be done next.
  • Save hundreds in legal and tax fees.
  • Unlimited Support: We’re here every step of the way by phone or e-mail.
  • Unlimited Use: No restrictions on the amount of documents or alerts generated.
  • We put our money where our mouth is – we designed and use ComplianceLock™ ourselves!
  • Free Upgrades: We’re constantly upgrading the system based on feedback, any improvements are automatically added to all active clients.
  • Instant Access: Get access immediately after payment is received.

Perfect For:

  • New businesses
    Start your company right! The best way to stay in compliance is to not to fall out of compliance in the first place.
  • Existing businesses
    Have you fallen behind on your compliance tasks? Have you never even heard of some of these requirements? ComplianceLock™ will help you get up to date and set alerts so you won’t fall behind again!
  • Corporation/LLC Self-filers
    If you filed the incorporation or LLC formation paperwork with the State yourself (or used on of our competitors that don’t provide essential documents like Bylaws, Operating Agreements or Organizational Minutes), then you probably haven’t done the proper “after-formation” tasks (holding the organizational meeting, issuing shares, adopting Bylaws or an Operating Agreement, etc.) or properly setup your entity. ComplianceLock™ will automatically create these vital documents and get your company setup properly.

Compare ComplianceLock™

  • Average price to do minutes by a lawyer? $150-200/hour.
  • Average cost of a late tax filing? Varies – a percentage of taxes due with significant late fees.
  • Average cost of a late Annual Report? $50-$500 with eventual administrative dissolution and fees.
  • Lawsuit breaking the corporate veil? Varies – you could lose your house, cars, etc. in a lawsuit that pierces the corporate veil.

How do I Order?

Click the button below to go to our secure order form, enter your company information (State and Entity type) and get INSTANT ACCESS now for only $8/month (cancel anytime).

We Accept:  Checks* | Money Orders | Call for Payment

*We have a 7 Day clearance policy on Checks.

Who is ComplianceLock™ not appropriate for? ComplianceLock™ was created for small companies and may not be appropriate for the following types of companies:

  • Non-profit Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) and Professional Corporations (PC).
  • Publicly traded Companies (New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ listed).
  • Corporations with advanced stock structures including preferred shares and multiple classes of shares.
  • LLC’s and Corporations that are owned by other business entities.