Closing the Feedback Loop

E-Commerce Times has an Article Posted on keeping your employees in the loop regarding customer feedback:

Giving customers opportunities to comment on their experiences is just one component of a top-notch customer service operation. If you fail to close the feedback loop by delivering that information back to your employees, then you’ll miss a critical step toward improving customer service and nurturing loyalty.

By sharing the results of customer feedback with all staff members that interact with your customers you can improve the level of service provided to your clients and can also show concrete proof to your employees when they do well!

The article lists several ways to measure customer experience. One method that is not mentioned that is gaining in popularity is measurement of a company’s Net Promoter Score. Regardless of which method you choose, the most important thing is to be tracking your customer’s feedback in a measurable way.

At we give all clients an opportunity to participate in a follow-up survey 1 month after they receive their completed orders. Comments generated by the survey help us in two ways:

1.) Client suggestions show us ways that we can improve our services for a heightened customer experience.

2.) Positive survey responses and comments show us which processes are working best so that we can focus on continually providing the best possible service!

Measuring customer responses is just one part of the process of growing a successful company. For more useful tips just visit our page on Small Business Management.

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