Makes the INC5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

We are proud to announce that has made the INC5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America. Since our founding in 2001 we’ve strived to be the best incorporation and small business service in America and hopefully this is an indicator that we’re on the right path.

The INC5000 measures a company’s growth over a period of 3 years and ranks the company based on revenue. managed to rank at position 4086 this year so obviously there is room for improvement in the coming years!

In the next few months you will see an entirely new entity management platform (and a new business name – stay tuned) that should further secure our place as the leading small business incorporation and entity management service in the United States.

We’d like to thank our team, our vendors, contractors and especially our clients who have trusted us to form over 50,000 entities and rely on us to provide complete business filing and small business services. We look forward to empowering entrepreneurs for many years to come. Thank you!

Introducing our New Referral Program

Friday, February 24th, 2017 has always had a client Referral Program where we send any existing client $20 for any person they refer to us who places a business formation order. However, this involved the new client having to mention the previous client in a phone call, email or order comment and was generally hard to keep track of for us and our clients.

We’ve now launched updated Referral Codes and Referral Links for all clients. What this means is that all accounts now have a unique Referral Code that they can give to friends, family or colleagues.

The Referral Code is entered on any of our order forms at checkout (or to one of our staff if ordering by phone) and the referring client will receive credit for the order. Very simple.

We will pay each referring account $20 for every order referred, in addition, we will now pay $10 for any of our other products and services!

In addition to the Referral Code, we also provide you with a unique Referral Link. This Referral Link is a URL that has your Referral Code embedded in it – whoever clicks that link will automatically be tracked as one of your Referrals and you will get credit for all orders placed under that code! This is great if you want to email your friends or family a link or even post it on Facebook or Twitter, etc.


More Features:

  • We’ll pay each account monthly for all completed orders shipped in the previous month.
  • You have the option of being paid by PayPal or Check.
  • Optionally we can increase your payout if you refer more than 10 orders per month.
  • Please note that any previous Offer Codes still work as well.
  • We can customize the code by providing a discount to our Reseller’s clients, a referral fee to the Reseller, or both! (Must be a Reseller, please read below).

Other Referral Options:

Did you know we also have an Affiliate and Reseller programs? The Reseller Program is for those that want to order business filings directly with us for their clients and the Affiliate Program is for anyone with a website (link to us and get paid for every order) – you don’t have to be a client to join the Affiliate Program, you just need a website.

How to Access Your Referral Code:

Simply login to My Account and click Referral Program on the sidebar.

Thanks and let us know any feedback on these programs!


Introducing the Startup Wizard

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 would like to introduce our newest exclusive product: The Startup Wizard. The Startup Wizard is like a startup checklist on steroids and is personalized to your specific business entity type and state.

We used to provide our clients with a state-specific checklist in PDF format that shows them all of the “post-formation” tasks they need to complete after we formed their company. This includes tasks like opening a bank account, getting a business license or setting up your accounting system. With the Startup Wizard, we now have a custom web-based checklist that is personalized for your state and entity type.

What this means is that, for example, if you needed to file an Initial List for your Nevada Corporation, our checklist would provide the specific instructions to do that as well as many other important startup tasks.



  • Included FREE with every business formation.
  • Covers steps such as getting a business license or resale permit.
  • Simple instructions for holding an Organizational Meeting, adopting Bylaws or Operating Agreements and Issuing Stock or Member Certificates.
  • Progress Tracking (0 to 100%) as you complete each step.
  • Weekly Automatic Email Reminder with attached PDF summary of remaining steps. Unsubscribe anytime.
  • Downloadable as a PDF file if you prefer to print or view/save elsewhere.
  • Multiple companies? You get a Startup Wizard for each one so you can track them separately.


  • Don’t spend hours learning these critical steps, let the Startup Wizard guide you step-by-step.
  • Save hundreds of dollars in time saved by having a simple checklist of things other services would charge you for.
  • Properly set-up your new company without having to learn complex legal forms or procedures.
  • Prevent costly mistakes or errors in the set-up of your company that could cause problems in the future (perhaps allowing lawyers to pierce your “Corporate Veil” and expose personal assets).
  • If you utilize our service for your clients you can give them personalized guidance using the Startup Wizard.
  • Peace of mind that you’ve set-up your company properly the first time.

We hope you like the Startup Wizard and let us know any feedback – thanks!

Urgent Alert for Nevada Corporations

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Urgent Alert for Clients with Nevada Corporations: Additional State Fees Effective July 1st

Dear Clients,, Inc. has been notified by the Nevada Secretary of State of two fee increases that were recently jammed through the legislature and signed by our Governor via Senate Bill 483 (we’ve only been notified within the past few weeks and it wasn’t clear until a few days ago when the fees would be effective). Those additional fees have been verified and are as follows:

  • The “State Business License” (which is being renamed to the “State Business Registration”) is being raised from $200/year to $500/year effective July 1st for Nevada Corporation’s only – LLC’s and other entities are not affected and will continue to pay the $200/year fee.
  • The “Annual List” which is due every year at the same time is being raised from $125/year to $150/year.

This means that basically it will now cost $650/year plus any Registered Agent fees (our fees are $99/year and guaranteed not to raise) to maintain your Nevada Corporation. I can assure you we and the Nevada Registered Agents Association are as angry about this as our clients. This is probably going to decimate our Nevada business so we’ve come up with the following options for our clients’ that do not want to pay that fee; please remember that time is of the essence and feel free to email or call us about any of the options mentioned below.

We apologize on behalf of the shortsightedness of our Governor and Legislature and hope one of the following 6 options will be beneficial to your company.

Matt Knee
Founder/President, Inc.


Option 1: Not using the Company?  File a Dissolution


Option 2: Want to remain a Nevada entity but don’t want to pay that fee? Form a New Nevada LLC while Dissolving your current Nevada Corporation.

Important Details:

  • Both the Articles of Organization for the new LLC and the Articles of Dissolution to close the Nevada Corporation must be submitted together to release the Corporation’s name for use as your new LLC name.  Please place both orders at the same time.
  • The state fees start at $175 and the process takes about 10 – 12 Business Days.  Additional services and options and faster filing can be added when ordering.


  • Easier than filing a Conversion or Domestication (Discussed Below)
  • Yearly State Maintenance Fees are $350 instead of $650 per year.


  • You’ll receive a new State File Date and Effective Date
  • New FEIN (Federal Tax ID) will be required


Option 3: File a New Company in your Home State, then Dissolve your Nevada Corporation.

Important Details:

  • The Nevada State Fee for the Dissolution is $100 and the process takes about 10 – 12 Business Days.  Additional options and faster filing can be added when ordering.
  • The State Fees and turnaround time for the company formation depends on your home state.  Fees, packages and options are available on the Online Price Quote


  • You can act as your own Registered Agent in your Home State
  • You’ll only have to deal with and pay fees to your Home State.


  • You’ll receive a new State File Date and Effective Date
  • You will need a new FEIN (Federal Tax ID)


Option 4: Conversion from a Corporation to an LLC in Nevada (Get a quote here)

Important Details:

  • The state fees start at $425 and the process takes about 10 – 12 Business Days.  Additional options for faster filing will be provided with your quote.


  • Your FEIN (Federal Tax ID) stays the same.
  • Your State File Date and State Filing Number will stay the same.
  • The State Business License yearly due date does not change, you’ll just pay $200 instead of $500
  • No separate Dissolution is required to close the Nevada Corporation


  • A “Plan of Conversion” must be drafted by your attorney and adopted before the Conversion process starts.
  • Your attorney or tax advisor will need to draft a new LLC Operating Agreement to replace your Corporation ByLaws to be adopted when the Conversion has been filed.


Option 5: Domesticate (Move) your Corporation from Nevada to Wyoming (Get a quote here)

Important Details:

  • The state fees start at $432 and the process takes about 8 – 10 Business Days.


  • More affordable than keeping your Nevada Corporation: State yearly fees are $50 instead of  the $650 per year in Nevada.
  • You keep your FEIN, File Date and company history.


  • A “Plan of Domestication” must be drafted by your attorney and adopted before the Domestication process starts.
  • Your attorney or tax advisor will need to draft revisions to your ByLaws to be adopted when the Domestication has been filed.


Option 6: Domesticate (Move) your Corporation to your Home State (Get a quote here)

Important Details:

  • The fees and turnaround time depends on your Home State.
  • A detailed fee breakdown and time estimate will be provided with your Custom Quote


  • Usually more affordable than keeping your Nevada Corporation: Most states’ yearly fees are lower than the $650 required in Nevada.
  • You keep your FEIN, File Date and company history.


  • A “Plan of Domestication” must be drafted by your attorney and adopted before the Domestication process starts.
  • Your attorney or tax advisor will need to draft revisions to your ByLaws to be adopted when the Domestication has been filed.


Founder of MyNewCompany on Live Tuesday

Monday, August 5th, 2013

I’ll be answering questions about startups, entrepreneurship, and whatever else comes up tomorrow, Tuesday, August 6th at noon PST (3pm EST) on This is part of the Young Entrepreneur Council‘s (of which I am a member) #MyStartupLab initiative. Join me!

Performing Server Updates

Friday, July 12th, 2013, Inc. will be moving our web site and order system to an upgraded server with our web hosting provider Rackspace Friday July 12, 2013 at 4pm PST and our order forms and main site will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours as we perform this upgrade. We apologize for the inconvenience but if you’d like us to email you when the site is updated, simply send an email to (our email system won’t be affected by the move) and we’ll notify you once the upgrade is completed.

Thank you!

New Website Design Launched!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

After 6 months of hard work by our designer, developers and the rest of the team we’re proud to launch our new website design at ! We’re still working out some small spacing and font issues, but overall the launch was a great success and we’re eager to get any feedback you have good or bad.

This new design features fast-loading, clean CSS/HTML that should look great in all browsers. In addition, we’ve also made sure our mobile site is looking good at 

In the coming months, we’ll be working on:

  • Upgrading and simplifying the design on our BEMA™ Order Forms.
  • Upgrading and adding features to our ComplianceLock™ Service.
  • Adding a ton of great content to this blog; make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we’ve been posting great links and small business ideas and news.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on our new site!

Special – Save 15% off Incorporating or Forming an LLC!

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Incorporate or Form an LLC and save 15% NOW! LIMITED TIME ONLY.

To receive this discount:

  1. Place an order for a Corporation or an LLC.
  2. On the final step of checkout, click the “Offer Code” link, enter offer code 15NOW.
  3. Make sure to click “Apply” and 15% will automatically be deducted from your total.
  4. Submit your order.

IMPORTANT: the offer code must be applied before submitting an order and is not applicable to orders after they are submitted.

Is a Scam?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

It still amuses me, after almost 10 years in business, a perfect A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, membership in the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and over 20,000 satisfied clients, people still ask “is MyNewCompany a scam?” on  a regular basis and search for “ scam” in search engines as evidenced by our tracking software.

I think this is fairly normal because when I’m researching a purchase, I usually do a google search for “COMPANYNAME scam” to make sure I’m not being hustled. I don’t take it personally as the President of, Inc. – there are incorporation service companies that are a scam, or at the least not very upfront on their prices or practices. Compare us to the competition and see what makes us different.

I’d just like to briefly list the reasons why we are not a scam:

  1. You can verify our BBB membership and A+ rating by visiting this link. Better yet, give them a call at 702.320.4560.
  2. Call us! Most online scam companies are impossible to contact. Our toll free # is 800.326.1362 and our local # is 702.362.2677.
  3. Email us to test our response time! Send an email here and see how long it takes us to respond, typically under an hour during standard business hours (9am to 5pm PST).
  4. Check our Credentials page which lists our seals from, PayPal, etc.
  5. Visit our offices! Here’s a link to our location listed on Google Maps, you can see our building too!

Hopefully that resolves the issue, if not, call me directly at 702.362.2677 x111.


Matt Knee
President, Inc. Founder Quoted in an Article on Surviving Network Outages

Friday, October 26th, 2007

I was contacted by Matt Alderton of The Nielsen Small Business Resource Center for input on surviving network outages. Please read the article and let me know what you think. We have a great internal management system for preventing and handling “disasters” and I think that is reflected in the article.