Business Quote of the Week – Seth Godin

“There is no correlation at all between success and hours worked.”  – Seth Godin

Commentary: A common theme among business and personal development information is that a focus on hard work only will only make you a hard worker, not necessarily successful. There are billions of hard workers in the world – 3rd world farmers, 18/hour day wage slaves, people who hold 2 jobs at minimum wage, etc.

Successful people work hard on the right things, or better yet, have others work hard for them. The right things are those things that generate the highest return: education, improvement of a product, finding solutions, family, relationships, etc. Everyone knows what the right thing is for their particular situation. The key is focussing on that right thing and putting your efforts towards that. Finally, most successful people turn their passion into their business or career – therefore they don’t consider any time spent doing it “hard work” at all.

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