Apostilles and Certificates of Authentication

An Apostille is a certification from a US Federal or State government that allows a document from that office to be accepted in any of the countries that have signed the Apostille Convention. Basically, it’s the international version of having a document “notarized” so you can use it in other countries. 

If you intend to open a bank account in your country or if a local company or government office will require proof of the formation of your US Corporation or LLC, you may need to have the Corporation or LLC formation documents certified with an “Apostille” or “Certificate of Authentication”.

An Apostille can only be obtained if your country is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention (list available here). If your country is not a member, then your country may require a “Certificate of Authentication” from either the State where your Company is formed or the US State Department (or both).

MyNewCompany.com can obtain your Apostille (or obtain a “Certificate of Authentication”) in any state!


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