9 Types of Entrepreneurs


Successful entrepreneurs are supposed to be outgoing, risk-taking workaholics.

But Rhonda Abrams says there are actually nine different types of entrepreneurs, each with their own style and interests, allowing more of us the chance to enjoy the joy of entrepreneuring:

1. Adviser: Some entrepreneurs are paid for giving advice, such as lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers.

2. Administrator/Organizer: Like organizing? You can plan weddings, oversee projects, or take care of accounts, databases, and order fulfilment.

3. Builders/Creators: Artists, bakers, carpenters, and designers are examples of entrepreneurs driven to create something tangible where it did not exist before.

4. Caretaker: People with a helping personality find opportunities taking care of people, plants or property.

5. Communicator/Trainer: If you can transmit information or communicate in different languages you might find demand in sales, marketing, writing, training or a variety of information services.

6. Entertainer/Host: If you thrive on being with people, you may find an entrepreneurial opening in the hospitality industry or service industries such as hairdressing. Or you may be an entertainer, actor, musician, or singer.

7. Investor/Owner: If you have money to invest you can put your capital to work for you investing in stocks, real estate or businesses.

8. Seller: This covers salespeople and brokers in our purchases, from real estate to insurance to art.

9. Technologist/Engineer: If you love figuring out computers, autos and engines, you may want to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in software development, engineering or technology.

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