Why Use Our Formation and Business Filing Services?

1. Complete Incorporation and LLC Formation Packages

Other services will only file the incorporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) papers and leave it up to you to figure out how to setup your company, hold the organizational meetings and sign the appropriate documents and waivers.

Most of those $49 and $99 Packages are just that: the name search and filing the papers. This does little good as your corporation is almost useless without being organized properly: stock issued, Bylaws adopted (Operating Agreement for an LLC) etc.

In fact, a corporation or LLC that has not performed the necessary after-formation procedures will likely not be considered a separate entity by law and will expose you to personal liability (and thus cancel many of the benefits of incorporating in the first place).

Our Basic Package includes searching your name choices for availability and the preparation and filing ofthe paperwork with the state of your choice.

Then, once your filing is complete, we will provide you with complete personalized Corporate Bylaws (or Operating Agreement if an LLC), corporate documents and necessary meetings "ready for signature".

2. Step-by-Step Checklist of things to do AFTER Forming the Company

Other services assume that you know how to hold the appropriate meetings, adopt the Bylaws, issue stock and the like. Our experience is that most people don’t know these formalities.

Even if you order a Corporate or LLC Kit from a company that includes these forms and meetings, they are blank and there are no instructions; we include personalized forms with your company name, directors, officers and step-by-step instructions. Finally our Checklist details and helps you properly organize things like opening a bank account, getting a business license, State Tax ID, etc.

3. Truly the Lowest Prices

For what our service includes, our prices can’t be matched. See why our prices are so low.

A lawyer would charge you approximately $800-$1,200 for the same services. Our Basic Package starts at just $79 + State Fees.

This fee includes searching for name availability, filing of your paperwork, the State-specific Startup Checklist, the Organizational Meeting minutes, the personalized Bylaws (or Operating Agreement), Notice of Waivers, Yearly Meeting Minutes, our Free Corporate/LLC Handbook and FREE scanning and Electronic Delivery.

Most services charge from $75-$130 to file your paperwork ONLY. They then add on anywhere from $9-$29 for basic Shipping.

Click here for a side-by-side comparison of our services to the competition.

4. No Hidden Fees

Compare the total price! Other services include various "correspondent" and "handling" fees disguised as a state fee (we only charge the actual state fee). Some will charge you to be your own Registered Agent (we don’t).

Be sure to compare what our state fee is and what their "state fee" is, sometimes the difference is considerable.

5. Personal Service and Verified Credentials

We’re available by phone and e-mail (800.326.1362) Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific. We are BBB Honor Roll Members every year since 2003, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Members and have an authenticated SSL Certificate from GeoTrust for secure online ordering.

Click here to verify these credentials

More importantly, we are fast and friendly — most of our emails are answered within 10-20 minutes, we actually answer our phone and if we are busy, voicemails are returned usually within 10-20 minutes (during business hours).

6. Experience

Most importantly, we have incorporated thousands of companies and LLC’s nationwide since 2001. When you choose us, you can rest assured your new filing will be done right. If for some reason your filing is rejected (this is rare), we will correct it until it is accepted.

7. Service in all 50 States and D.C.

We can file in any state and we actually have experience with every state (unlike some of our competitors). In most states we have filed hundreds of filings.

8. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Click here to read about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

9. Industry-leading, State-of-the-Art Order Management System

Simple online ordering with automatic email confirmation, status updates and email notifications of filing status changes. Once you’ve ordered with us, our system keeps your information for quick ordering of additional products and services. Using one account, you can keep track of multiple orders, companies and filings — great for attorneys and other professionals. Click here to learn about BEMA, our industry-leading Order Management System.

10. Free Handbooks with Every Order

Each corporation or LLC order includes access to a free handbook that details virtually everything you’ll need to know about starting, managing and even changing or closing your company. None of our competitors provide this. We also include an Annual Checklist for maintaining your company and even a checklist of things to do when closing your company.

11. Free Alerts and Renewal Notifications

If your state requires an Annual Report our system will send you an e-mail alert before it’s due. Also, if you order anything that is billed on a recurring basis, you receive several alerts starting at 30 days before the renewal date should you want to cancel or need to change your billing method.