Reseller Program

Are you a Small Business Advisor (Attorney, CPA, Bookkeeper, Consultant, hold Real Estate Seminars, etc.)?

If you have clients that start businesses, we can make your job both easier and more profitable.

By using our services on behalf of your clients, you can:

  • Expand the services you offer to your clients.
  • Save time by having us deal with the paperwork, the name searches and the filing intricacies of each state.
  • Receive "White-labeled" packages from us - our logo and company name is not shown on completed orders.
  • Receive our value-added products like our Startup Checklists and Corporation and LLC Handbooks "unbranded" so you can provide them to your clients. 
  • Provide an easier, faster and more complete service to your clients.
  • Have us deal with the hassle of interacting with the various agencies, departments and government employees.
  • Pay our service fee and charge your client whatever you’d like.
  • We can offer a percentage discount to you based on volume.
  • Rest assured that we will provide best in class service to you at every step of the way.
  • BEMA™ Order Management System: Order for all your clients and manage their companies and orders all from one account - allows for simple and fast ordering of additional filings like amendments, annual reports, dissolutions, DBA’s, etc. — more revenue opportunities for you!
  • Each account gets a dedicated account manager to take orders and be your one point of contact for all your filing needs.

Join the many lawyers, accountants and other small business advisors who regularly use our service to handle business filings for their clients.

For more information on becoming a reseller, please enter your name and email below to receive an information packet.

NOTE: Have an immediate need for a large amount of filings soon or right now? We specialize in large projects and can handle the project from order form entry to completion. Email or call Matt Knee at 702-362-2677 x111 for more information.

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