How to Incorporate in Florida

We can incorporate your company or setup an LLC in Florida for much less than an attorney and less than our competitors (with much more included). Since 2001, we’ve formed thousands of corporations and LLC’s for our clients with an A+ BBB Rating and a 98% client approval rate.

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5 Steps to Incorporate or Form an LLC in Florida

1. Make sure your company name choice is available according to Florida Statute.

Your company name must include the correct corporate or LLC identifier:

  • Corporations: "Corporation", "Incorporated" or an abbreviation.
  • LLC’s: "Limited Liability Company" or an abbreviation.

Florida Name & Business Purpose Restrictions:

  • May not contain language stating or implying that the corporation is connected with a state or federal government agency or a corporation chartered under the laws of the United States.
  • "Florida" alone is not distinguising. For example, "Florida Communications Services, LLC" would be considered the same as "Communications Services, LLC" or "Communications Services of Florida, LLC".
  • "Ltd." is not an acceptable corporate ending.
  • "My" is not distinguising. For example "My Florida Services, LLC" would be considered the same as "Florida Services, LLC".

2. File the correct paperwork with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations.

For Corporations you must file "Articles of Incorporation", for LLC’s you must file "Articles of Organization".

Helpful Link: Corporation vs. S-Corporation vs. LLC vs. DBA

3. Hold the "Organizational Meeting" and adopt the company’s Bylaws (Corporations) or Operating Agreement (LLC’s).

The Organizational Meeting is how you determine the percentage of ownership for each shareholder (Corporation) or Member (LLC's) as well as resolve to do tasks like open a company bank account, pay back pre-incorporation expenses, elect S-Corporation status and more.

4. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for your company and open a company bank account.

4a. Optional: If you want your corporation to be an S-Corporation, submit IRS form 2553 to the IRS within 75 days of your date of incorporation and adopt the appropriate corporate resolution. If you miss the deadline, the IRS allows you to file a late election.

5. Get a local business license from the city (or county) where you will be doing business.

Optional: File a Florida DBA (also known as a "Doing Business As", "Fictitious Business Name" or "FBN").

If you intend to "do business as" a name different from your corporation or LLC name, then you can file a Florida DBA in the county where your business is located. This will allow you to open a bank account and accept payment under the different name. If you simply want to do business as your corporation or LLC name, then the DBA would not be required.

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Our service includes:

  • Checking your company name for availability according to Florida statute. We'll keep checking names until we find one that is available.
  • Preparing and filing the incorporation or LLC formation paperwork with the Florida Department of State Filing Division.
  • Preparing your personalized "Organizational Meeting minutes" and Florida Bylaws or Florida Operating Agreement.
  • We can obtain your FEIN by preparing the appropriate form and submitting to the IRS on your behalf. We can also prepare your S-Corporation Election and the appropriate corporate resolution.
  • A Florida Startup Checklist that includes the remaining steps to properly setup your company with links to all the government agencies in your State for tasks like getting a resellers permit or business insurance. (NOTE: View our business startup checklist for any state.)
  • Our partner, Business Licenses, LLC can assist you with finding, filling and submitting the necessary forms to get your local business license online. Click here to submit your business license online (after you’ve completed steps 1-4 above).
  • We can file a Florida DBA in any county.

Stock Information

In Florida, you can authorize an unlimited number of shares of No Par Value stock.

Yearly Requirements

Annual Report is due annually from January 1 to May 1.

Annual Report Fee: $150.00 for Corporations; $144.00 for LLCs.

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