Why MyNewCompany?

Warning #1: "File-only" shops. Most of our smaller competitors simply file your initial paperwork with the state (if it doesn’t get rejected — less than 1% of our filings are rejected) and send you a copy. This is not the complete process. There are step-by-step procedures (holding an organizational meeting, issuing shares, adopting Bylaws or Operating Agreements, etc.) for properly setting up your company that must be completed. In fact, not doing these procedures will nullify most of the benefits of incorporating or forming an LLC in the first place.

Warning #2: Do the math! Find out the actual state fee (which you can view on our site). You’ll disover that those $49 and $75 services are actually hiding considerable fees within the state fee. Be especially vigilant for "Rush", "Expedited" and "Delivery" fees which can be outrageously high.

Warning #3: Get ready for telemarketing, spam and junk mail from our large corporate competitors. They freely sell your information and attempt to upsell you for the life of your company (one company is famous for calling weekly and never seems to stop). They bypass the "Do Not Call" rules because you engaged their services. Our privacy policy expressly prohibits selling your data or marketing to you without your permission (e.g. you subscribe to our monthly newsletter).

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A Lawyer Typical Competitor
Price $800-$1,500 +
State Fees
$49-$329 +
State Fees
$79 + State Fees
Name Availability Check YES YES YES
Available in all 50 States and DC NO YES YES
Prepare Formation Documents YES YES YES
Prepare/Obtain FEIN and/or S-Corporation Election Optional Optional Optional
100% Satisfaction Guarantee NO NO YES
Next Business Day Processing NO NO YES
Personalized Organizational Minutes YES NO YES
Personalized Bylaws or Operating Agreement YES NO YES
Access to Scanned Copies of Filed Documents Online NO NO YES
Digital Copy of Bylaws or Operating Agreement NO NO YES
FREE Corporation or LLC Handbook NO NO YES
Lifetime Account with Simple Re-ordering NO NO YES
State-Specific Startup Checklist NO NO YES
FREE Shipping and Handling NO NO YES
FREE Corporation/LLC Maintenance Forms NO NO YES
FREE Annual Report Alerts NO NO YES
Online Order Tracking and Status Updates NO Maybe YES
Disclose REAL State Fees 1 NO NO YES
Disclose REAL State Rush Filing Fees 2 NO NO YES
Honor Roll Members of the Better Business Bureau NO NO YES
Chamber of Commerce Member Maybe NO YES
Keeps Your Data Private YES Maybe YES
Thousands of Corporations and LLC's Formed Nationwide NO NO YES
SSL Secure Ordering NO Maybe YES
BEMA™ Powered Order Management System NO NO YES
100% PCI Compliant Systems NO Maybe YES
Unlimited Toll-free and E-mail support NO NO YES