Get Your Business License Online

After you’ve registered your company (as a DBA, Corporation or LLC), one of the next steps is to get your company a local business license (if required).

NOTE: View our business startup checklist for more information on the steps required to start a business.

Do I Need a Local Business License?

If you intend to operate a business from your home or an office, then more than likely a local business license will be required. The purpose of a local business license is to authorize your company to do business in your particular city or county.

If you are not really operating a business and are simply using your corporation or LLC to hold assets, property, etc., or are keeping it "on the shelf", then a local business license will more than likely not be required. Contact your local business licensing office for clarification.

How Do I Get My Local Business License?

Business licenses are typically issued at the City level from your City Hall. If your intended place of business is not within city limits, then your business license will be issued by the County.

Getting a local business license can be a complicated task. There are over 19,000 separate licensing jurisdictions in the United States alone and each has its own particular licensing requirements. Not to mention the hours spent on the phone chasing down the right department, getting the right forms, etc.

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