Business Entity Management Application™ (BEMA) spent over one year and six figures in development dollars to bring our clients the best order management system in the industry. We call this system the Business Entity Management Application™ (BEMA). BEMA is unique because it allows our clients and/or their advisors to completely manage their business entity from formation to dissolution. No other service provides this level of sophistication and integration to their clients and BEMA is one of our proudest and hardest won accomplishments. Click here to view our Press Release.

For a client to use the system, they only need to create an account while ordering and BEMA handles the rest.

BEMA’s Client Features include:
  • 100% PCI Compliant Security.
  • One username and password allows a client (or their advisor) to manage an unlimited amount of companies and filings for each company. Multi-user access available.
  • Filings from Incorporation, LLC Formation, DBA’s (business formations) to Amendments, Foreign Qualifications, Good Standing Certificates, Annual Reports and even Dissolutions (business closures).
  • Complete integration: if you order once, your company information (name, address, ID #’s, owners names/addresses, etc.) is in our system and will remain there for quick and simple ordering of other services.
  • Online Order Status and Client Notes: easily check the status of your orders and view any notes we’ve left for your order(s).
  • Online Bill Paying: if you have a bill or recurring service, you can pay, update, modify or cancel it in the "My Account" section of our website.
  • Secure Document Storage: we scan all filed documents and upload them to your account for secure storage and easy access from any computer.
  • Free Company Alerts: our system will email the account holder if any of the companies in our system has an Annual Report or other state-level filing due.
  • Simple ordering of new products and services.
  • Registered Agent Address Updates: if you utilize our Registered Agent Service, you can update your forwarding address and contact info 24/7 from the "My Account" section.
  • Access to our Corporation and LLC Handbooks, State-specific Startup Checklists and Forms for every order.


BEMA’s Administrative Features include:
  • Encrypted User-level security and auditing including intrusion detection and prevention.
  • Instant payment for any service ordered via credit card or PayPal.
  • Automated ordering and payment status notifications via email.
  • Templated email for status updates and client communications.
  • Automated management and notification of recurring services.
  • Easily updatable database of prices, products and services.
  • Centralized state knowledgebase for processing times and state fees.
  • Ability to modify, merge, close and delete client accounts and orders.
  • Automated document creation for certain types of forms and filings.

As you can see, we put a lot of hard work and money into building the most comprehensive order management system in the industry. No competitor even comes close. We hope you’ll be pleased with the new system and thank you for choosing!